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Things you need to Know

Real Estate is one of the most expensive investment in this world, it makes your money, livelihood and life savings on the line. If you are not extra careful, you may become the basketball of land scammers, fraudulent sellers, and dubious agents.

If you don't carry out special due diligence, you may be presented with fake property documents, buy a disputed land or purchase a government acquired property.

Don't trust anyone, the developer or the agent you want to trust may only be interested in your money. Once money changes hand, you will begin to hear story!

We are here to support, and help you with the necessary real estate due diligence solution in Nigeria, we can help you verify the genuineness of every property in Lagos, Ogun, Oyo and Abuja.

Our Property Verification and Due Diligence Service;

Title Investigation

The preliminary Title report indicates the current legal owner of the property and any mortgage liens, unpaid income, property tax liens, judgement liens or other recorded encumbrances against the property.

We do verification checks for: Valid documents, Survey coordinates, Encumbrances, Forged documents and Outstanding Land Use Charges / Land Taxes.

Background Check

Our background check cut across collecting economic data about the city and the neighbourhood, collecting data on competitive properties for the present market values - rentals & sales.

We will also verify the accuracy of the financial information and leases presented by the seller and conducting thorough physical inspection of the property.

Engaging us for background check will help you with lands to be avoided for reasons that may include; ongoing litigation, ownership conflicts, topographic related issues (e.g. swampy lands, areas that experience seasonal floods, places with bad ground water, erosion prone areas), government acquisitions etc.

Document Verification

We will contact the appropriate government authority and make sure that all the available documents are dully checked and verified. Some of these documents include;

Deed of Assignment

Certificate of Occupancy (C of O)


Letters of Administration

Governors Consents


Survey Plans

Letter of Offers

Planning Permit and Approved Building Plans

Leases and Sub Lease

Taxes and Receipts


Purchase Agreements

Physical / Structural Integrity Check

Our Professional Team will help you make all the necessary structural check and determine any change of use or modernization that will enhance your property. We can help you check the overall condition of your property, this would cut across;







Moisture Intrusion

Illegal Construction

Planning Approval Violation


Property Documentation

We can help you with Title Document Processing, Physical Planning Permit Approval and other necessary statutory documentation that may affect your real estate / or physical development project.

Don't Loose your Money & Investment, do your due diligence before you buy any property, we will will help you with;

Property Title Investigation

Background Check

Document Verification

Physical / Structural Integrity Check

Property Documentation

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Scammers are everywhere, do the neccesary due diligence before money move from one hand to another, once money changes hand, you will begin to hear story!

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